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  • Shows & New/Rare Hosta Info!
    We update this website's "SHOWS" page above with any new info as we receive it. We will soon post info on that page for other upcoming Shows once Spring gets closer. We also will post on our Hosta Facebook Page (@SILVERSELBERTNURSERY) the dates of all Shows & any Updates including the Farmers Market's hours posted in the 2nd FAQ below. We make posts for New/Rare Hosta on our Hosta Facebook Page too. Click the Facebook "f" link at the top right corner of this website to go there (a personal Facebook account is needed to view these posts).
  • Shipping Info (mainland US only)
    We start shipping in early April. Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on location. Shipping is $12 plus $1 per each plant (1 plant shipped anywhere in the US is $13, 2 plants are $14, 3 plants are $15, etc). If needing a Specific Shipping Date, please add that to the "Checkout Page" (there is an Icon towards the Bottom Left of that page to insert a date/timeframe). If needing to add to your original order, please let us know ASAP via this website's "CONTACT" page above (there may be separate shipping charges if your original order has already been shipped).
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